Year: 2018 – ongoing
Client: Ege Carpets A/S – The Danish Nature Fund – Municipality of Herning
Awards: Ege Carpets A/S & the Gjellerup Enge projects was awarded by the Ministry of Environment of Denmark in Sept. 2022
In cooperation with Ege Carpets, The Danish Nature Fund, Municipality of Herning and private land owners ARDE has created a masterplan for a nearly one million square meter big nature area, surrounding the Ege Carpets HQ in Herning.
As an extension to an already ambitious CSR policy, Ege Carpets has decided to incorporate biodiversity focus into the company goals. We hope other companies will feel inspired and follow the example to help fight the biodiversity crisis we are facing.
Several initiatives to increase biodiversity will be implemented in the area over the next years, with the aim to restore the land to it’s original natural condition. Furthermore the project will increase connection between the production facilities of Ege Carpets and the surrounding nature.
In respect for plants and vildlife, the area will offer a great amount of nature experiences for schools, visitors and the local community. 


Ege Carpets CSR report 2022/2023