Playing by the book won't change anything.

ARDE has decided to make a difference and engage our competences to design projects and products that supports circular thinking and sustainable development.

Today working in the exciting intersection between nature, architecture and product design ARDE plays a leading role to create change.


The uncomfortable truth

It's a proven fact, human activity has a disastrous effect on our planet. The figures speaks for themselves. https://www.theworldcounts.com

Like humans has the power to destroy the planet, we also have the power to protect our planet, but it requires a major change of mindset.


UN sustainability goals

We help companies, private investors and organisations extend CSR policies and create physical and visible initiatives that supports the UN sustainability goals.





Creative conscience

We care about the planet. In our work we make great efforts to create design that drives sustainable change. This is our duty as designers and human beings.

Circular thinking

In our design process we consider the circular lifecycle of design. We make design that will work from idea, to prototype, to production - to the design being used - and consider what happens when the design needs to be maintained or recycled.

Look forward and up

In our work we challenge the boundaries of design. We search for new needs and trends. We investigate how new and existing materials can be used and combined to create new directions. We explore new form languages and we push the boundaries of manufacturing. In this creative state of mind we design products that transforms emerging human desires into immediate consumer decisions.

Realise and respond

The studio strives to understand the ever changing world we live in. We strive to meet our surroundings with an open mind to enable us to respond to changes in social and cultural behaviour. The overleap between evolved user needs and industrial solutions is where great potential lies.

Designing desire

Great design needs to be beautiful. We acknowledge the importance of an artistic approach when it comes to making great design. The perception of beauty relates to parameters like proportion, detail, contrast, simplicity, materiality and youthfulness. Based on experience and theoretical knowledge, we mix the ingredients to achieve the desirable.

Constructing value

Great design is constructed in a logical way. Simplicity creates value around design. We do our outmost to eliminate what’s unnecessary to identify the essential.


Great design is functional and has a purpose. Our work needs to improve life. Sometimes improvements are minor, but always steps towards a brighter future.


ARDE was founded in 2014 by architect René Hougaard.